News and Updates


New Title for Top Rank Players (Job-PvP-Unique)

Congratulations to all the top rank players. As an appreciation for their sacrifices, we have create a custom title that will be given weekly (Unique & Roc Slayer) and every 2 weeks (Job & PvP). This new title scroll will grant additional stats, which is 3% phy and mag attack and absorb increase. Goodluck to other players and who knows, you might be the next to obtain these titles. 

Update Ver 1.237 & 1.238


- STR & INT balloons

- Job Title Image

- Roc HP has been changed to 40% of its original HP

- Party that kills Roc will get quest done



- Switch Weapons Scroll for Egy A & B (Available in Saizer Store)

- Thief party will get reward (instead of the seller only)

- Survival Arena for Honor Buff (1 kill = 1 point)



- Bard buff disabled in FTW

- Trace has been disabled in Job Mode

Saizer Online First Unique Event

Thank you for those who have participated. Congrats to _RIPCURL_ as he is the first Roc's killer in Saizer Online. Next Unique Event will be on Friday, same time, 12.00 am GMT+2.


Update Ver 1.234,Ver 1.235


- Full Blue Remover Scroll

- Silk Scrolls (2.5k & 5k)

- Premium 5% 28 days

- FGW Time Reset Scroll

- Collection Book Reset Scroll

- New Title Scroll for Event/Top Rank

- Blue Slot for Nova Items


- Egy B Upgrade Scroll - Race Changer

- Quest Description


- Job Limit Our website is using new template now. You can unstuck your char by website now. Login to website and go to Character Panel > Choose Char > Click To Town.