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Saizer Online 3rd Monthsary

Hello everyone, we would like to thank all of you for your support. We are blessed to have everyone here. We achieve a lot of stuff in this 3 months and probably more to come! At this moment, we are working for new avatars which is custom made by professional 3d designer in silkroad community and special for Saizer Online only. Of course there will be a lot more updates to come, we planned a lot of stuff that will be released one by one to make sure Saizer Online will always have new stuff at least each month. Letters event will end on 18th of July. Have fun and may God bless all of us.

Best Regards,
Saizer Staff.

Up to 15% Extra Silks for donations this week!

Extra silks up to 15% for this week only. As we are going to celebrate the third month of Saizer Online, we decided to give an extra silks for those who keep supporting us since Grand Opening. Please take note that this promotion is until 17th of July only.


1 - Buying silk is automated but it may delay about 60 minutes to receive

2 - After donating you need to teleport or relog to receive your silks, if it doesn't work relog after a few minutes or contact us

3 - Refunds are not accepted by any way. While purchasing SILK you agree that you are fully aware of the server rules and terms of use. Please only donate if you understand that there is no eligibility for refunds despite the server quality or problems that may occur. Please purchase Silks only when you are completely sure about not regretting it.

4 - If you wish to donate more than maximum donation prices on website (220$) Please contact us.

For payment via Skrill :[email protected]
For payment via Vodafone Cash :Contact Our Sellers on WhatsApp - 01024289933 (Egyptian Silk Seller)

Saizer Online 1st Letter Event

- Letters will drop from mobs level 104 and above only.

- Collect all S.A.I.Z.E.R letters.

- You can change 5 of each letters to a random reward.

- Go to Event So-Ok at any town > Talk to this person > Saizer Event > Receive a gift with event letters.

- This Event will end on 18th of July.

Update Ver 1.242


- HWT Reset Scroll

- Set Switcher Scrolls

- Name Changer Scroll

- Model Remover Scroll

- SAIZER Letter Event (Until 18th July)



- Unique Quest

- Roc's Hp

- Avatar Admiral 2017 m/f can be exchange

- Purification Pill's Delay



- Mobs spawn from Normal Uniques



Please check our discord/facebook for list of rewards from SAIZER Letter Event.

For skill balance between EU & CH, we are working on it to check and make sure the gap will be reduced to Egy B users.

There will be a new update soon to fix certain unique skills too.


Saizer King PvP Event

Congratulations to Oo_egypto_oO for winning the 1st place. Thank you to everyone that has participate, all rewards has been given to winners and participants. See you again next 2 weeks for PvP Event (CH vs CH | EU vs EU).

Best Regards,

Saizer Staff.